Grex provides limited web page hosting for anyone with a Grex account. Some of the more important limits are:

You can get started by running the mkhomepage command at a shell prompt on Grex. This will create the necessary www directory, and place a prototype home page in index.html for you to edit.

There are many frequently asked questions about this service. Please read the WWW server FAQ before sending mail to with questions you may have about this service.

Any Grex user who owns a web page, whether it is located on Grex or elsewhere, may have their site listed on our directory of Grex Users' Web Pages. Just send mail to webmaster and specify the account and (if the page is not on Grex) the URL.

Also, check out the Grex Web Server Statistics to see how many hits your page is getting. This is updated every week. For more information about the web server and webmasters, please follow this link