Returning from Washington

Posted in news on 12 Aug 2013.

My birthday was a week and two days ago. Yay, happy birthday me. I lived it up a little in town the weekend before leaving for Washington, DC. Not too much, though; I was pretty excited about seeing DC. Overall, the trip was great. I didn’t get to visit all the places that I wanted, but I wanted to visit all the places that I did (even if I didn’t realize it beforehand).

Before hitting the district, we stopped at Mount Vernon. It was a pretty neat place, and we lucked out as the last group to get in to the National Treasure tour. Suffice it to say, spend enough time in the basement of the Washington mansion and you’ll be lucky if your posture doesn’t suffer. Talk about cramped. The tour guide kept things interesting, even when the parents of one child in particular let the little hellion ramble, wander, and generally cause a ruckus.

We toured Washington over the next few days, on our own. This involved much walking; more than to what I was accustomed. Even downtown is quite spread out, let alone the National Mall. Museum visits included the National Portrait Gallery (which is more interesting that it sounds), the National Archives (slightly less interesting than one might think, but enough to mandate a visit nonetheless), Washington National Cathedral (what an amazing sight), and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (every resident should visit this).

I took a few pictures while I was there. Of course, I couldn’t take pictures in some parts of the Portrait Gallery, and nowhere in the National Archives or Holocaust Memorial. But the Cathedral had no problems with picture-taking, after the noon service concluded. The audio, however, piqued my interest in the cathedral – we happened to visit the day they regularly demo the organ.

Although my visit to Washington proved my prior excitement warranted, I’m still glad to be back home. At least here, I’ve no need to conjure up rail or bus fare.