October 4th

Posted in poems on 31 Jul 2013.

This was written during an election year. I don’t have an ‘official’ record of the year, but 2004 seems reasonable.

politics heated debates run through style sited from the rooftops
under seige in a parade of power struck the chord thrown down from the
sky in open arms caught for the one piece of peace that matters in a
fit of rage prowess shown from within blackened heart disengaged
tossed out on account of outcry publicity center stage next to the
daze gazing out into the crowd silent stood up and spoke or tried to
but it's a bit difficult without breath and the mic was off cut the
power unpaid bill money's due but none's coming in so here we are
standing outside on a rainy night moonlit streets fear arisen in the
hearts of the people inarticulate articulation's no good unexpressed
voiceless rage on fire for the world's desire infiltrated the
domestication of foreign policy unlit candle left by the spark of
imagination but growing dim dumbed down to a level underground glowing
embers of a past principle untouched reasons far beyond belief
oppression's the mind killer numb it down prick the needle before the
final show of an undiscovered frontier discovery channel discovering
arrogance bitter contempt and jealousy hatred inspired by hate alike
conformance without regard blinded by the sun of a darker generation
without moderation neither instigation unfettered and untangled
intangible facturation unpraised diminished opinions unspoken