A Wildering Cry

Posted in poems on 31 Jul 2013.

I’m not certain of the date of this one. It was definitely written before 2008; probably a good while before that.

never had ever in an electric spark of shooting stars,
struck the ground when lightning shoots up,
all wrong and nothing right in a sea of left angles,
deep thoughts in dark reality of dwindling conciousness,
divine inspiration, desperation, searching vainly,
seeking clarity went suddenly insane, soaring high out of sight,
singing out of tune, lost the beat can't start again to drag 'em down,
fallen angel bright night under twilight, gleaming lost its touch,
gripping nothing tightly, here or there whichever way,
out of reach and under siege battling knight, armor's lost its shine
sinking ship set sail at shore, crashing waves under moonlight,
bronze pyrite, copper sky surrounding, no walls left to climb,
war is over, heart's left behind mindless trek across the sands,
adding to the chaos in a last attempt, final cry heard first of all,
senses overloaded wide ocean of pain, the sea's dried up,
foundation of choice leading the way, trapped inside the dark,
underneath the surface hiding away, stowing emotions,
unfulfilled necessity waiting for release, landslide can't stop the flow,
unique obscurity nondescript, loosing control beside itself
in blue highlights flowing upstream, rocking back,
break open the door of light, dressed in uniform fragile beneath,
tread carefully in the dirt, don't knock up the dust,
quiet night in loud silence speaks volumes, beauty undiscovered,
clearing out in preparation, anticipation unexpected,
walking the line