AUTHOR: C. Zdroj
TITLE: Flying and Falling
PART: 1/2

SUMMARY: An AU "Odo as human" story set some time after "Body
Parts" and "Broken Link." Kira helps out when Odo has some
trouble adjusting to life as a human. Explicit sex, some vulgar
language, angst, h/c, general mushiness advisory.

DISCLAIMER: Paramount owns the DS9 universe and characters. No
copyright infringement is intended here. Please ask before
reposting, republishing, or archiving (ASCEM and ASC excepted).


AUTHOR'S NOTE: The following story has been published in the
fanzine Love and Justice VI. It is being posted here with
permission of the zine editor (me :-).

Flying and Falling
by C. Zdroj

Dream I

He *was* the Arbazan vulture.

It took him several moments, after his wings spread out to catch
the light, to realize that he was flying. Joy shivered through
his body and in that breathless instant he *became* the bird, not
just an imitation of it. Wind rushed through taut feathers to
carry him aloft. His delight became reckless, unbounded, as
though his emotions would overflow his body.

From the sky she appeared to him as a startling patch of
brilliant red, the only real color to stain the drab landscape
below. She looked up as he circled lower, her dark eyes dancing
with pleasure. She smiled. She knew him -- recognized the essence
of him in the bird form, and he was pleased.

*"Odo ... I've been waiting for you ..."*

-- and then the moment ruptured, replaced by pain and confusion.
He fell, plummeting out of the sky, plunged into a vast, endless
sea of conflicting voices. He floated adrift there for an instant
of disorienting chaos, and then the strange, ancient touch of his
people withdrew from him completely.

He was alone. His body, as though composed of red Bajoran clay,
was re-fashioned, molded and sculpted with the speed of thought.
Suddenly he had body parts: toes and lungs and knees and genitals
that tingled with feeling -- parts that had names. The
transformation didn't hurt -- not until he broke the surface of
the now-alien Link and drew the first cold breath of air into his
lungs. His gasping exhale became a cry of fear as the tide of
living awareness swept him, flailing and helpless, onto the rock.

There he lay, shaking, terrified, staring up unseeing into the
black sky ...

Odo woke suddenly, his skin drenched with sweat. He stared at the
ceiling of his darkened quarters, feeling the strangeness of his
human body in the ominous silence: blood coursing through him,
extremities that trembled, lungs that heaved, damp skin that
tingled with cold one moment and flushed with heat the next.


Damn, damn, damn. Why did he always have to relive the fear and
agony of that transformation, and then waken to the unreasoning
pulses of this human body? There was a hot, painful throbbing at
the juncture of his thighs, a now familiar yet still alien
sensation. As a changeling, he had disdained the messiness and
vulgarity of humanoid sex, at least outwardly. Now, his body
seemed to take perverse delight in tormenting him with the very
needs and impulses he'd scorned.

Odo shut his eyes, swallowing tears of anger and frustration.
Drawing a deep breath, he let his hands travel slowly down over
the now-foreign terrain of his own body, over chest and belly.
After a moment's hesitation he slid them lower still, until his
fingers brushed gently over taut, sensitive flesh. His cock
reacted like a live thing, stiffening against the gentle pressure
of the touch. He took a moment to let himself feel the strange
organ, to sense its shape in the protective and forgiving
darkness. Wrapping his fingers around its smoothness, he gave a
gentle, experimental thrust -- and then gasped in surprise.

A rhythm slowly developed as he worked to relieve himself of the
stubborn, unasked-for manifestation of his new status as a
"solid." Cautious and inquiring at first, his movements became
surer until his body was surging forward into his hands. His
calf-muscles tightened as his hips moved in spasms. The thought
of stopping floated briefly through his mind -- through the haze
of his shame -- but by now his need was so great that shame
didn't matter. Odo thrust hard, his body arching, gasping at the
pleasure that shot through him. Soon he was wholly consumed by
his need, fucking into his hands with sharp little jerks of his
pelvis, biting back the strange, helpless sounds that tried to
break past his lips.

He saw Nerys clearly during those agonized moments of straining
toward climax. He felt her. It was her warm body he thrust into,
between her pale thighs, deep into her. It was too late to stop
the images that swam before him, engulfing him. The movement of
his hips became sharper, until the wet heat at last erupted from
his body, between his fingers, over his chest, over his face. A
surging burst of pleasure traveled down the length of his spine
and shook him to the core. He heard his own harsh cry of relief
as he emptied himself.

Odo held still for some moments after the tremor, his hips still
slightly raised, his now softening penis still cradled in his
hands. His hips sank slowly until his buttocks rested once more
on the mattress. He was repulsed yet again by the messiness of
his body. He needed to wash his hands, to clean himself up, to
clean the bedsheets ... but his body was simply too drained from
pleasure and exhaustion to so much as twitch a finger.

He slid into dreamless sleep with his hands still cupped between
his thighs.

Dream II

She heard him gasping even before she set foot across the
threshold. Worry pricked at her, for it sounded as if he were
sick or in pain.

As soon as she stepped into the bathroom, however, she knew this
was not the case. He was standing there in the shower spray, pale
and lean and beautiful. Her gaze was transfixed by the smooth,
clean lines and sharp angles of his body. His beauty was too much
to bear.

She looked down and saw that she too was naked.

Possessed by Prophets-knew-what, she slid aside the clear shower
curtain and stepped noiselessly behind him, into the warm mist,
slipping her arms around his waist. There was a breathless,
motionless pause as each of them seemed to recognize exactly what
had occurred. If he was shocked by her impropriety, he gave no
sign of it.

"Nerys?" he asked, softly, without turning around ...

"I'm here ..." she whispered, running her hands down his arms and
then over his wrists, until she found his long fingers, wrapped
around the rod of flesh that jutted out from his body. "Let me
help ..." she said, easing his hands away. She felt the firm
velvet length of him in her hands, warm and smooth and solid.

"Nerys," he whispered, his hands braced on the wall, tears
sliding down his simple, lovely face. "I can't ..."

"Tell me you want me to leave," she said, "and I'll go."

His voice was a low rasp, full of passion, pleading. "No -- no
... don't go. Please ..."

She kissed the side of his neck. "Just relax then ... let me
help. Let me give you this ..."

She wound him in her arms and began to rock him, feeling him
strain, feeling the power in his body and in her own touch.
Nothing had ever felt so good as his wet silken skin against her
hands, against her body.

"You're beautiful," she whispered against his cheek. She let her
hands slide upward over the front of his torso to caress his
nipples. They were hard, and he almost cried out at her touch.

"Nerys ... oh gods  -- I'll fall when I ..."

"Shhh..." She kissed his throat, kissed him into oblivion, while
her hands ... she'd almost lost track of what her hands were
doing to his lower torso, gliding over his smooth skin -- in him,
on him, squeezing and stroking. His knees trembled and he
whimpered without shame. "You won't fall," she whispered. "I
won't let you fall ..."

Stardate: 50282.5

Kira was awakened by a sharp kick inside her belly. She closed
her eyes and waited, wincing a moment later under a second
assault, more insistent than the first. For several moments she
lay motionless on the bed, feeling bloated and uncomfortably
warm, waiting for the movement within her to subside. *This is
ridiculous,* she told herself, *I've been pregnant for less than
two weeks. I'm not even showing yet -- well, not that much ...*
Still, she had a vicious headache, and her uniform clung
uncomfortably to her body, which already felt over-ripe somehow.
Her breasts were heavy and aching -- she imagined that she could
feel the milk bleeding through the front of her tunic onto the
mattress ...

Her eyes flew open. *Damn.* Her blouse was wet. Due, no doubt, to
those wretched human hormones that Julian had been giving her
ever since she'd agreed to this lunacy. She struggled to a
sitting position and for a moment stared, mesmerized, at the
splotch of dark wetness spreading down the front of her uniform.
Only then did she fuzzily recall that she was not in her own
quarters. These rooms were, unbelievably, even sparer than her
own. Now she remembered: she'd come to Odo complaining about her
latest spat with Keiko and the Chief. Her friend had been too
gracious to send her away, and she'd ended up stretching out on
his bed -- "just for a minute or two."

"Computer -- time?"

"O-five hundred and seventeen minutes," intoned the computer in
its insufferably serene manner.

Great. A minute or two had become more than two hours that she'd
been asleep on Odo's bed. Kira ran a hand over the damp sheets.
It was still strange to think of Odo sleeping, solid-fashion, in
an actual bed. She sighed in annoyance. Now she'd have to clean
up after herself. The alien entity in her belly kicked once more,
and she felt a sudden, urgent need to find the bathroom.

"Odo?" she called softly. There was no answer. Perhaps she'd been
left on her own to rest. It would be like Odo to scrupulously
respect and guard her privacy. Kira smiled and then grimaced as
she swung her feet over the edge of the bed. Her toes made
contact with the floor, and she looked down at them in wonder. No
boots. Odo must have removed those too. Just as well. She hated
walking in the damned things, especially now. Still feeling
groggy, she stood up and made her way across the floor, thinking
rather uncharitably that her body must be the size and weight of
a small asteroid, whatever it looked like in the mirror. She
spotted the control panel beside the bathroom door and gave it an
irritable smack. The door hissed open, revealing gleaming white,
immaculately clean surfaces. Kira took two steps inside, and

The shower was running, a gentle mist of steam filling the room.
Not two meters away from her, through a thin, transparent
curtain, she saw Odo.


For a moment she almost felt dizzy -- as though she'd stepped
into the embarrassing and lascivious dream that had recently been
haunting her for nights on end. *This cannot be happening.*  Her
lips parted in a soft gasp and she stared helplessly at the man
in the shower. Odo's image was blurred by steam and water
droplets, but her sleeping mind had not erred in its presentation
of a lean, trim body with startlingly pale skin. She also made
out a wiry torso, well-sculpted thighs and buttocks, and a blur
of soaking-wet, honey-colored hair streaming with water. His
angular shoulders and haunches were drawn taut as he stood in the
spray with his back to her. Kira heard him gasp sharply -- as if
he were in pain. Instinctively she reached out with one hand,
only to draw it back as her fingers made contact with the shower

Suddenly realizing what her friend was doing, Kira froze where
she stood, mesmerized by the sight of Odo pleasuring himself. As
in her dream, his hands were out of sight between his thighs. His
narrow buttocks shivered, and Kira felt a sudden, sympathetic
liquefying between her own thighs as she watched him gasp and
tremble underneath the spray of warm water. She could not tear
herself away. It was one thing to have a dream under the
influence of synthetic hormones ... it was quite another to see
with her own eyes that Odo was capable, desirous even, of *that*
kind of pleasure. His hips undulated slowly. The movements of his
hands and hips grew brisk, and then she heard a soft, deep groan
as Odo's head tilted back and his whole body shivered.

Kira abruptly became aware of the fact that she had not moved for
several seconds.

All too late, she heard the panicked voice in some far-off corner
of her brain screaming that it was vulgar, lewd, and improper to
remain where she was, goggling at the naked body of her best
friend. She backed up slowly, intending to ease herself out of
the room, her eyes still riveted to the slim form behind the
shower curtain, one hand feeling blindly for the door behind her.

The baby chose that moment to kick again -- harder than it had
before -- and Kira mis-stepped, almost falling, catching herself
on the edge of the counter with both hands just in time. Odo spun
around at the noise, reached up with one hand and swept the
shower curtain aside.

For one delicious, agonizing moment he stood there, dripping, in
all his naked, humanoid glory.

Kira felt a burning blush come pulsing into her cheeks as she met
Odo's disbelieving, mortified, blue-eyed stare.

"Odo ... I ..." Her voice trailed off as her hand moved up and
came to rest on his wet shoulder. It was as though she were
hypnotized. She could not resist touching him -- that soft, human
flesh. *Warm,* she thought stupidly. *He's warm* -- and wondered
why that surprised her. She stared, helpless, into those sad,
startled eyes. "I needed to use the ... bathroom ..."

Odo looked down to avoid her gaze and she saw faint pink suffuse
his cheeks, neck and upper chest. A wave of compassion swelled
within her, followed by a surge of what could only be called
lust. "I didn't mean to ..." she began lamely.

"No," he responded. "Of course not."

Kira frowned. The tone of his voice was odd. He should have been
outraged, furious with her for intruding on his privacy -- but
instead he sounded ... sad, even disappointed. Kira's eyes
dropped guiltily, just long enough to take in the sight of his
lean, smooth torso and his soft-looking, slowly receding
genitals. When she met his gaze a second time Odo refused to look
away. Despite the red in his cheeks, he looked almost as if he
were daring her to make an observation.

Kira decided to offer a counter-challenge instead. Wordlessly,
she began unbuttoning her already-wet blouse and peeled it away,
baring her breasts with silent deliberation. Odo's gaze remained
locked with hers. She reached up and touched the side of his face
gently, placing her fingertips against his wet temple. Odo closed
his eyes, seeming to melt at the contact, leaning into her touch
with obvious pleasure, turning his head just slightly to kiss the
palm of her hand. Kira dared to glance below his waist and saw
that his cock was beginning to rouse itself once more, lifting
and swelling between his thighs. Encouraged, she reached out and
took his soft flesh in hand, stroking curiously, hearing Odo's
sharp intake of breath. He grew harder as she went on caressing,
sliding her hand gently up and down. He gasped and gave a tiny
moan as Kira's fingers closed tight around him.

"Nerys ..." he whispered hoarsely. The ecstatic look on his face
was unexpected -- passionate, vulnerable. Kira paused, leaned up
and forward to touch her lips to his in a soft, awkward kiss.
Gripping his shoulders, she backed him slowly into the shower
stall once more, pushing him under the warm spray and standing
there with him.

Odo closed his eyes as the warmth of her lips brushed his again,
as Kira took and guided his hands, pressing them against her wet
skin. Her nipples were stiff little nubs pressing into his palms,
hardening under the pressure of his touch. She helped him to
squeeze her breasts, showing his hands how to move. Recalling,
incredibly, some stray fragment of a romance novel about "fresh
rosy peaches," Odo let his thumbs circle and then stroke lightly
over Kira's swollen nipples, and she gasped with approval.

He caught his breath as she wound her arms around his neck and
kissed him again, with more abandon than the first time, her
tongue teasing lightly over the crease between his lips. He
thought, fleetingly, about opening his mouth ... that was the
appropriate response, wasn't it? But then he was distracted by
something else -- his aching, unrepentant penis slipping gently
into place between her warm thighs. He was faintly shocked by the
eager movement of Kira's hips as she rubbed herself against him,
the wetness of her vulva smearing fluid along his length. He
could do nothing, it seemed, but shiver and move his own hips in

His hands came up instinctively to push the wet strands of hair
away from Kira's forehead, to frame her cheeks and hold her still
as they kissed again, mouths open now, tongues searching gently
and eagerly. Thought was no longer required. His humanoid body
seemed to know the steps in this dance. *We're linking ...* was
his single, dazed thought.

Kira drew back for a moment, long enough for Odo to stare at her
in wonder and astonishment. He blinked back the drops of water
and let his eyes linger, less timidly now, on her body -- her
flushed face, the berry-red tips of her full breasts, the gentle,
not-yet-very-pronounced swell of her abdomen .... Kira smiled,
shy and flirtatious at the same time.

"Do me a favor and turn around," she said, her voice seductive,

Not certain what to expect, Odo obliged her. Kira slipped her
arms around his waist. "Shhhh ...." Her whisper was soothing
while she drew him close and kissed his wet shoulder. Her hands
slid round to the front of his abdomen and rubbed his belly with
slow, even strokes. Odo shivered but felt strangely reassured by
the touch. Kira's hands moved lower, taking hold once more of his
aching, rigid prick. By now he was so aroused that he had to bite
back a cry as she touched him. His body quivered expectantly.
Odo's breathing became harder as Kira ran her grip briskly down
his length. She turned her head aside to kiss his throat, and Odo
closed his eyes while her gentle strokes intensified. He fought
to steady himself as her hands discovered his secret pleasure and
deepest shame. He bit his lip, allowing only a few soft whimpers
to escape as she touched him. Her fingers teased slowly over his
inflamed, sensitive flesh. From nowhere, his old fear of losing
control suddenly rose up inside, clawing at him, even in the
throes of his pleasure. His body twisted and he moaned, pressing
into Kira's touch. *No ... no, no, no ... Can't lose ...*

Her fingers slid gently between his buttocks to rub in careful
circles at the tight opening there. Odo whimpered softly in
pleasure. It felt ... amazing. So good he could no longer think
straight ....

And then it slammed into him. The memories, the sensations -- the
white walls of the lab, the helpless feeling of being invaded. He
braced himself with both hands against the wall of the shower,
but his legs were trembling, his footing slipped and he fell to
his knees, gasping, his stomach clutching violently. In the next
moment he found himself retching helplessly on his hands and
knees as the water frothed and swirled around him, roaring in his
ears. Reality swam before him, the floor tilted -- his stomach
heaved painfully and brought up nothing ....

-- and then, suddenly as it had begun, the roaring stopped. Warm
hands gripped his shoulders. It was a moment before he could hear
Nerys ... before he could see her.

"Odo?" Her voice was soft and far away. "Odo -- are you all
right?" He tried to fix his gaze on her dark eyes. Her face,
frantic and worried-looking, came slowly into focus. She was
kneeling beside him on the now chilly shower floor.


He looked slowly around the tiny space of the shower, was faintly
surprised that his body seemed to be shaking. One of his hands
clutched Kira's shoulder.

"Are you all right?" she asked. "Do I need to call Julian?"

Odo shook his head. "No doctors. Not this time," he grated. He
strove to fight down both his nausea and the excessive emotion
welling inside him. Kira placed one hand at the back of his neck
and drew him forward until his chin touched her shoulder. And
then her arms slipped around him. Odo shut his eyes and allowed
himself to lean briefly against her. It was as though his body
instinctively sought to pull some of her warmth into itself. A
distant voice in his mind, unbidden, was still frantically
whispering: *Link with me, link with me, link with me ...* while
some competing instinct, terrified and curled up in a darker
corner of his awareness, made a different plea -- almost wordless
at first. Then his lips moved, and he heard his own voice again.

"Make -- it -- stop ..." a soft, low rasp.

Kira went still in his arms. "Make what stop?" He felt her hands
traveling up and down his back in warm, even strokes. "I'm
sorry," she whispered. "I shouldn't have ..."

"You -- didn't," he said grimly, trying to get to his feet,
trying not to look at her. "It's nothing."

Kira held him fast. "It's not nothing." Odo looked down at her,
at the gentle swell of her belly. As his gaze traveled up to her
face, he was arrested by the softness of her expression.

"Nerys ..."

She did not give him time to be apologetic. "Let's just take this
slow, all right?" Her hands moved to support his body. Odo felt
his stomach lurch as they struggled upright together. He allowed
Kira to take his weight again for an instant -- and then, to his
surprise, he was standing.

He had a moment to contemplate the sorry awkwardness of his
body -- the thin stream of blood trickling down one knee -- and
then he was moving, slowly but surely, being guided out of the
bathroom, across his quarters and over to his bed. Kira eased him
down on the mattress and there he sat, dripping and still faintly

She moved around his quarters briskly, finally returning to kneel
in front of him with some towels, a bowl of warm water, and a
dermal regenerator. So natural and businesslike were her
movements, so devoid of anything resembling shame or
self-consciousness, that it took Odo a moment to remember that
she was naked -- and so was he.

"Nerys --" he tried again. "I'm sorry. I feel like an idiot ..."

"Don't you dare apologize." She pressed a damp cloth over the cut
on his knee. Her eyes flashed sparks when she met his gaze. "I'm
the one who walked in on you. I'm the one who obviously can't
control her hormones, especially now that Julian's been shooting
me up with Prophets-know-what kind of human chemicals." He saw
her cheeks flush as her tone became rueful. The painful knot of
anxiety in his stomach grew even tighter.

Kira's gaze softened, and Odo knew that something had slipped
through in his own expression. Her dark eyes took on a familiar,
anxious look. She raised her hands to his face, held him still
for a moment. Her thumbs stroked lightly over his cheekbones.

"How do you feel?" The weight of her concern was undisguised.

"Embarrassed," Odo grated, trying to keep his tone cynical and
ironic, trying to look anywhere except at those liquid dark eyes.

"I was probably going too fast," said Kira matter-of-factly. She
was patting his shoulders and neck with a towel, drying him.
"It's an old fault of mine when it comes to sex." She used the
towel to begin fluffing his hair dry. Slender, careful fingers
sifted gently through the damp strands above his forehead. Odo
could sense her discomfort. It was typical of Nerys to deflect
attention from her emotions with a task, even a small one.
Typical of her to circle around an issue before confronting it

But confront it she always did, eventually. "Are you sure you're
okay?" she asked.

"I'll survive," he said, and he knew his tone was harsh. How to
explain to her what had happened just now -- what had caused him
to fall -- without revealing the depths of his own fears and
passions -- his own private shame?

"Was I misreading something back there?" said Kira at last. Her
voice was carefully neutral. "Do you want to just forget this

She was offering him an out, one that would save his dignity. For
a moment he considered taking it.

"No, you weren't misreading anything," he said at last, his voice
low and deliberate. "And no, I don't particularly want to forget
it. Although that might be best for both of us."

She said nothing, but he felt her hands, drifting lightly down
and then back up along the gooseflesh of his bare arms. She began
kneading the muscles of his neck and shoulders, her hands roaming
over the expanse of his body, pressing, rubbing, squeezing the
very real, very tight humanoid muscles that lay beneath his skin.
He let her. He leaned into the massage with closed eyes, drawing
nearer to her by slow degrees as she went on  stroking his back
and shoulders. He felt the heat radiating from her body. Her
energy. Her fierceness. The stubborn unbending vitality within
her that he had always marveled at.

Her hands stilled when she felt his breath warming her cheek.
When her gaze flicked up to meet his anxious blue eyes, Odo
started back, clearing his throat, straightening abruptly and
pulling out of her grasp. Impulsive, Kira reached out and caught
his hands.

"Odo ..."

"I was raised in a laboratory, Nerys," he said bluntly, his voice
suddenly bitter and rough. "I was an experiment -- a specimen."
He was surprised by his own honesty. Of course she knew this. It
was in his file. She was his commanding officer, but he had never
spoken of it -- and she had never asked. There was a long,
awkward pause. She kept hold of his hands. "The fact is -  I've
never ... trusted ... my body -- not even when I was a
changeling. I've certainly never trusted it to anyone else. I
know about pain, from being Dr. Mora's lab rat -- but pleasure
... outside of shapeshifting ... is ... foreign to me. I suppose
it even scares me."

He made himself finish the confession. "When I slipped and fell
in the shower just now, it wasn't because of anything you did. It
was because ... " His throat had gone dry. He wet his lips with
the tip of his tongue. "It was because you were giving me
pleasure ... but I was remembering ... pain."

He felt her fingers brushing a loose strand of hair away from his
temple. "I'm sorry," she said. Her voice was very soft.

"You didn't do anything wrong ..."  His hand came up to touch the
side of her face and stayed there for a long time.

Her forehead was pressed against his, her breathing quick and
raspy like his own, her voice very low ... intimate. "I would
never hurt you, Odo. Never."

"I know. I've always known that." Yet still his body trembled.

"You don't have to be afraid ..." she whispered, just before her
lips found his again. Her tongue gently teased his mouth open,
seeking permission for more intimate touching. Odo drew her
closer, his hands at her waist, pulling her against him, letting
her ease him onto his back in middle of the soft mattress. Her
thighs opened to brace his hips, while her kisses moved over his
face, touching his eyelids, his cheeks, his chin, his throat.
*Surrender...* whispered the tiny voice inside him. Fear clutched

him and Odo's chest grew painfully tight. He kept his eyes shut
as Kira's hands traveled slowly over his body, down his chest to
the curves of his belly and hips.

He was back on the edge of the Great Link. Wading into the
sentient sea. First one foot, then the other. Slow immersion.
Tentative touches ... introductory. The others swirling around
his legs and feet. The incremental loosing of form. *Surrender
...* insisted the voice. His lips opened once more as Kira's
mouth sought his. *This is taste,* he thought, with sudden joy
and panic. *This is ... hunger.*  The warm roughness of her
tongue scraped against the roof of his mouth. Bittersweet. A
tender invasion past his barriers. Part of his mind recoiled at
the idea -- the wet, salt-sweaty, messy reality -- Yet he reached
for her with his own tongue, clumsily, eagerly. There was a warm,
deep ache within him, a void that he needed to reach past. He
opened himself consciously, receiving Kira's touches, returning
her kisses, seeking to appease some deep and unspoken need within
himself. Their still-damp bodies seemed to cling together, skin
against skin.

"The Link," he heard himself murmur, "I need to ..."

" ... to Link," whispered Kira, "I know ... we will ..."

It did not occur to him to ask how, or to wonder that she would
know what to give him. His body arched involuntarily beneath
hers. His cock was suddenly alive and throbbing, pressed into the
warm cleft between her thighs, rubbing against her heat and
wetness. Odo moaned as instinct and pleasure spurred his hips to
movement. His unsure hands came up to rest on the small of Kira's
back, his fingers splaying and then stroking up over the curve of
her spine, gripping her thin, wiry shoulders, diving into her
with hungry kisses, tasting her eagerly, his hips rolling
steadily against hers ... *Please ...*

Kira heard the sudden soft gasp, felt the spasm in Odo's chest --
tasted moisture and salt on his cheek. He was crying. She doubted
that he was even aware of it. Silent tears streamed from beneath
his closed eyelids. Saying nothing, she let her lips brush the
wetness from his smooth face, then reached up to kiss along his
damp hairline. She felt his fear, felt it in the taut muscles of
his back and shoulders, the frantic searching of his kiss, the
way his hands clutched her. Gently she took his wrists and
pressed them down into the mattress at his sides. He was strong
enough, she knew, to resist this if he'd wished, but instead his
body relaxed slightly, as though relieved to give her full

"Don't be afraid," she soothed, her voice a low whisper as she
went on kissing him, still seeking his mouth but also exploring
the softness of his body with inquisitive lips and tongue,
gradually moving lower, to his throat, collarbones, and the
smooth expanse of his chest. Her tongue found his nipple and
stroked over it. Odo gasped. Her hands discovered the velvet
smoothness of his prick once more, cradled and stroked it, let
her lips and tongue wash over and ravish it until Odo's
impassioned groans became helpless whimpers of pleasure. Kira
looked down at his angular face to see it transformed by passion
into a look of near-anguish that made her heart lurch. She kissed
his temple and murmured softly against his ear. "Slow, now ...
we'll just go nice and slow, okay? Just enjoy it ... just feel
... don't be afraid ..."

A nod and a gasp was all the affirmation she got. For a moment,
Kira had the eerie sensation that Odo had gone someplace deep
within himself where she was only half-present -- almost as if he
was in a trance or deep state of meditation. Her hands and mouth
began to move down his body slowly once more, kissing his throat,
sucking lightly at his skin. She breathed softly against the side
of his neck as she worked, reassuring with soft words -- "Shhhh
... it's all right. It's okay ..." She breathed the mantra again
and again.

Her fingers moved to match the seductive rhythm of her voice,
tracing patterns on Odo's smooth body -- rippling over his
lean-muscled torso, lingering in slow circles around his aching
nipples, going further, caressing his belly, traveling all the
way down to the ridges of his pelvic bones. "Tell me what you
need ..." breathed Kira, her voice warm and caressing. "Tell me
what you want, sweetheart  ..."

Speech was like another country, as meaningless as it was in the
Link. Could she not feel the desperate need seeping through his
skin? *Link with me or I'll die ...* His mouth was dry but for
her kisses. He thirsted for her. He was drowning in unfamiliar,
terrifying sensation. "I don't ... know," he managed to rasp, and
then let his body simply arch up to meet hers. An offering.
*Surrender.* "Help ... me ..."

He heard himself moaning as Kira moved with him, urgently,
spurring him on with her rhythm. He was melting. The white walls
of the lab blinded him. He was helpless on a table, being pierced
and invaded. Her voice was distant -- and yet her forehead was
still pressed to his, her breath hot and real against his temple.
The harsh, hot lights in the lab ... the cold eyes of the
Cardassian officers ... the Founders ... drowning ... burning ...
his corroded body shuddering against the wall ... no no no ...

He was being tossed in the sea of the Link, buffeted and thrown
about like a rag doll. Kira's lips were pressed against his
throat, her tongue wet on his skin. Reaching up through the sea
of unwanted memories to touch her, he only just managed to gasp
her name as Kira took him inside herself, as he slid easily into
the wet heat between her thighs. He was a swimmer gasping for air
as she moved against him, rocking her hips slowly, almost
coaxingly. Odo gave in, sighing at the bolts of sensation that
rippled through his frail, hated, loathed humanoid body. He
thrust, feeling the power in his own hips. Kira groaned as he
did, her body contracting around him. He moved in her, against
her, the rhythm of his hips suddenly purposeful. Kira's breath
was ragged. "Yes," she urged him. "That's it. That's it,
sweetheart. Keep going ..." She trembled above him and went taut
as he thrust again. "Prophets, yes ..."

She kept his rhythm as he moved, effortless now, feeling the tide
rising within him, swelling, expanding. Kira moaned sharply as
his hips rocked forward. There was a blur of sensation and
merging together -- the frantic movement of his hips, Kira's
cries of pleasure escalating into harocat-like shrieks and soft
cries of encouragement, and then he was holding her as tightly as
he could. He was a Tarkelian hawk, spreading his wings, gliding
over mountains, hearing his lover's cries of pleasure ...

-- and then he was falling, crippled, helpless, unable to move,
crashing, washing up on the shore of the Great Link in a body
that was not his. He cried out as he had then -- drowning. Kira
groaned as the pleasure that had been building within her
suddenly exploded like hot lava between her thighs. "No ..." Odo
groaned "no no no nononoooooo ...!" The words blurred into a
deep, anguished cry, almost of pain, as he spilled himself inside
her. A surge of pleasure made him shudder from head to foot as he
thrust within her again. A welter of images ... fear, pain ...
his hips jerked helplessly and his body spilled and spilled and
spilled itself endlessly. His strength evaporated and he could
only cling to her as the orgasm swept through his body and died
away, leaving him trembling, gasping.

"Please don't," he whispered, a desperate, frantic mantra.
"Please don't ... please ..."

"Odo?" His breath was coming sharp and fast now. Body quivering
with fear and the overload of pleasure. Lying naked in the
blinding sunlight, trembling all over with alien pulses and
sensations. Helpless. Abandoned. Alone.

"Odo?" Her arms around him. Her body pulled tight against his. A
gentle kick. The child inside her belly.

"Odo ... It's all right ... It's all right." Her hands on either
side of his face, brushing across his forehead. "It's okay."

She lowered her head to kiss him, astonished by the ease of it,
the rightness, the total connection to him that she felt in that
instant. It was not only their bodies that had been joined.

He opened his eyes at last to see the tender, worried look on her
face. She studied him in silence, her hands gently tracing along
the smooth contours of his face. Odo felt Kira's hands on his
trembling body. "It's all right," she whispered, caressing his
naked limbs, rubbing the warmth back into him. Her lips moved
over his chest and throat. Her words in Bajoran he only vaguely
heard, but they were comforting all the same.

"Are you okay?" she whispered at last.

He seemed to hear Mora's voice for an instant - *Odo'ital, what
have you done?* ... the Link and his transformation flashed
before him, but were less "real" than they had been. The greater
reality was the tangible one of Kira's body in contact with his.
Odo shut his eyes. "I will be."

There was her voice -- a whisper of warmth against his skin.

"How was it? ... Good?"

"Yes," he murmured. "... wonderful ..."

"Good." He was aware that Kira was still making love to him,
talking to him softly, enclosing him in warmth. Her hands
wandered slowly over his trembling limbs, gentling him, soothing.
There was something almost unbearably intimate about it. He
realized that not only could he feel her sweat and other body
fluids mingling with his own, he could smell her, taste her as
she kissed him, making him relax and surrender once more to her
touch. But this time the pace was slower. He was sated, no longer
hungry -- but enjoying her touches in a way that was almost
leisurely and, to his complete surprise -- utterly safe.

Odo sighed, a small noise of contentment, of disbelief.

"How you doing, sweetheart? You okay?" Kira's voice was still

He managed a slow nod. "I just ... can't believe that ..."


"That it was so ... simple ... that we actually ..."

She laughed softly, "... that we actually did it?" She nuzzled
the side of his face, whispering conspiratorially. "Don't you
worry ... I've got lots more to show you."

There was silence for a moment as she went on touching him,
endlessly touching him. She had no fear of his body at all.
Remarkable. "Was it ...?" he began.

"It was perfect," she whispered. "You're perfect."  Her hands
moved in circles over his belly, and then slid up over his
ribcage. "I want you to enjoy this body ... every centimeter of
it ... I don't want you to ever be afraid of it -- or me."

"Thank you," he breathed softly. He closed his eyes. "I love
you." The words came out as an expelled breath.

"I know," she said, not the least surprised by her own words,
only with the calm and effortless way they spoke themselves using
her voice. "I love you too."

Taking his hand, Kira guided Odo's fingers over her body as they
lay side by side, pressing them against her still swollen
nipples. Warm fluid seeped from her body, running over his hands.
Kira shivered with pleasure, urged Odo's mouth against her
breast, sighed as she felt him suck. Her body curled around him
in the vastness of the bed, and she let her hands roam, gently
and slowly, over him once more. She felt satiated herself, and
more at peace than she had been for some time. The child inside
her womb was still for the moment. She cradled Odo as he held
her, in the shelter of the bed they had just shared.

She felt him drift off in her arms, his breathing deep and
peaceful, and a quiet joy settled over her as she knew the deep
tranquility of his body -- and her own.

Together, they dreamed of flying.

~The End~