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Updated 9-15-2009
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    Arizona Journal of Natural Philosophy

  1. Article list
  2. Science
  3. Relativity
  4. Math




  5. Astronomy Supplement - Motions in the Heavens
  6. Online Physics Book; good!!
  7. A.I.P Weekly Physics News
  8. PhysicsWeb; physics news
  9. How Things Work; physics
  10. physics articles here (in PDF)
  11. Math, Astromomy, Physics; & news
  12. The MAD Scientist Q&A; Ask-A-Scientist
  13. The MAD Scientist Network: message center
  14. Science Monster; science for kids



    Math, Science and Computing Reference

  15. On-line Dictionary of Computing NEW!
  16. Shareware NEW!
  17. Many examples of curves and formulas, with animation and illustrations NEW!
  18. Lots of Math stuff at PlanetMath
  19. PlanetMath Encyclopedia
  20. Dictionary of Science & Technology
  21. Dictionary of Algorithms, Data Structures, and Problems
  22. ZF Set Theory
  23. Free Books; C++; Java; Python; C#
  24. online book; Basics of Computational Number Theory
  25. History of math; reference to math topicsL
  26. History of Math Topics Index
  27. History of Math directory of files
  28. Group Theory History
  29. Neil J.A. Sloane's On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
  30. Dave's Math Tables; good
  31. online book: ABSTRACT ALGEBRA ON LINE...
  32. ...the index to the book
  33. Introduction to Group Theoryl
  34. Group Theory
  35. many links on various math subjects



    Math tools for downloading

  36. download ODE program
  37. MuPad, free computer algebra program
  38. Maxima for MS Windows; free computer algebra program
  39. Maxima is here also



    Online Calculators

  40. Online Calculators; good!
  41. Ephemeris generator
  42. Ephemeris generator; other Astro tables
  43. Online Symbolic calculators; good!
  44. Various Online Calculators
  45. Online Symbolic Calculators; calculus; algebra
  46. Online Symbolic calculator
  47. Online Symbolic integration
  48. ODE calculator online; 2nd Order LODE Solver
  49. JOMA - Journal of Online Mathematics; Java & Javascript
  50. Science & Math mostly for younger students; various calculators
  51. Algebra help -- Calculators, lessons, and resources
  52. Online Calculus Solutions: Step-by-Step Derivatives and Integrals
  53. Online Calculators; Interactive Exercises
  54. GAP Online permutation group calculator
  55. Calculators; Virtual Math Classes (search for what you want); good




  56. cryptography algorithms
  57. free cryptography book (in PDF format) from CRC Press
  58. Bletchley Park
  59. Tony Sale's Bletchley Park site
  60. Britain-World War, Military & Aviation 





  61. Math Algebra tutor; good but somewhat elementary
  62. Common Errors in College Math
  63. Tutorials in electronics; radio
  64. Math tutorials; Groups Theory & more; online calculators; excellent
  65. About Physics
  66. Calculus tutor; links; resources; problems/solutions; software progs
  67. Calculus tutor
  68. Physics; Math mostly for Maple users but still instructive
  69. The Educational Encyclopedia, online calculators
  70. K-12 math tutor; Math encyclopedia
  71. various math tutorials
  72. linear algebra courses online
  73. Elementary Geometry Tutorial; Javascript
  74. Computer Tutorials
  75. download algebra/trig tutorial
  76. Search for math topic or Ask Dr. Math
  77. much math info; good!!
  78. Virtual Math Classes




  79. New Scientist; science news
  80. Catalog of compilers & interpreters
  81. online math notes; most in postscript
  82. math lesson plans for grades K-12
  83. elementry geometry
  84. American Mathematical Society
  85. Math FAQ
  86. math links: Risch algorithm, online ODE calculator
  87. College Physics lecture notes, supplements
  88. math, good!!
  89. Gallery of Interactive Geometry; online calculator
  90. The University of Minnesota Calculus Initiative; online calculator
  91. math tutor; good
  92. Mathematics Archives; MSDOS Software; good
  93. The Programmer's Page; C C++ Pascal Basic source
  94. LiveMath
  95. math archive; papers
  96. Cosmic and Heliospheric Learning Center - Ask A Physicist
  97. Dr. SOHO's FAQ: General Astronomy Questions
  98. Computing Museum
  99. online math books?
  100. online math books?



    Stuff I need to check out more closely

  101. download Scilab calculator; like Matlab
  102. Group Theory; Products of permutations
  103. Symmetric Groups:
  104. The Combinatorial Object Server
  105. Document on Abstract Algebra (some Java)
  106. Links to various online calculators
  107. Various online calculators; Statistics calculators
  108. Math, Science & Physics Jokes



  109. Ask A Scientist for students k-12
  110. Mathematics Archives - Software; good
  111. Stanley Statistician; statistics for kids; glossary of statistics
  112. programming; algorithms & source; c; c++; lots of mac stuff
  113. Introduction to Algebra
  114. math links