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Welcome to the Grex inventory database

Grex has accumulated a lot of computer equipment over the years. Some of it we're using, a lot of it we're not.

This database was created in the summer of 2001 to make it easier to fill out the forms to pay personal property tax to the City of Ann Arbor. Hopefully it will also be useful for other things to have a complete list of Grex's stuff.

Unfortunately, the database is currently unavailable, probably because the MySQL server is down. If you'd like to browse the database, send mail to and ask that the MySQL server be brought back up.

Anyone may query the database. The main page on which to do so is the items page. There you can retrieve all items (which is what you'll see when you go there for the first time) or restrict your query to items made by a particular manufacturer, or items of a particular type (e.g., disks), or items with a particular status (e.g., spare parts). You can also choose what information you want to see about items, and what order to see them in.

If you see an item you might be interested in owning, click on the item number to see full details. If the current status is "Idle or obsolete", "Not useful to us", "No longer works", or "Spare", there will be a link at the bottom of the page to send mail to the Grex staff to tell us that you're interested. (It's likely we'd like to sell you items in the first three categories; feel free to ask about spare parts, but no promises.)

You can also view Grex's personal property tax statements by clicking on the reports page.

Grex staff members should click here to see some notes about the database.

Let me know if you have any comments about the database, or would like to see any more functionality, or if you find a bug.

Mark Conger
July 4th, 2001