Tech Notes for Ross Kaplan's web site

By Jeff Kaplan

I wrote all of the HTML code on this web site, such as it is, using my favorite text editor, UltraEdit.

Thanks to Grex for hosting the HTML parts of this web site and providing the site with such a great domain name.

Most of the .jpg files are hosted on our ISP's web server. I don't really feel like thanking them today.

Most of the photos you will find here were taken with our Kodak DX3600 digital camera. I'm quite satisfied with the camera. I would recommend it.

I use the Kodak Picture Software which came with the camera to modify the pictures before I put them on line. Some pictures have been trimmed and sometimes I use the red-eye correction feature. Almost all of the pictures have been reduced to "General Purpose" size and "Medium" quality to save disk space on the web server and also to reduce file transfer time. I feel that the picture quality is good enough for viewing on most computer screens. However, if you are thinking about printing any of the photos you see here, The picture software also supports Reprint Size and Enlargement Size. Please contact me if you would like a higher quality version of any picture posted.
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