Me, and my world

My Family

So what do you need to know? Almost nothing.

OK, you may not have asked for it, but here it is anyway. This is the part about the people I have had to endure for as long as I have been on the planet. In case you have not guessed already, this is about my family.

As you will read later, my father is what legends are made of. A while ago I wrote what I hope will be a lasting tribute to a man whose life just wasn't long enough to do all he wanted, but he left the world a better place.

A tribute to my father

My sister

My sister is 4 years younger than me. It, I mean she arrived one cold day in Feb, and it snowed so hard that people still talk about it. What they should be talking about was the story that appeared below the fold which read "Evil Child Hatched. World Doomed." Ever wonder what happened to Rosemary's Baby? I got it for a sister. That's what happened. I swear I did. Really. Well, she's not THAT evil.

Actually, we are very close, and we talk on the phone every day on the average. However, when we were kids we fought like cat and dog. Dad told us to cool it or it would affect our adult relationship. We did, and this is why we are so close.


I am loathe to reveal too much because I am slightly uncomfortable with it. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

Places I have called home

There is also a bit more.Hang on to your hat and click here It might be a little shocking, but what the hell?

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