James Frederick Reuter
2727 Arrowwood Trail
Ann Arbor MI 48105
(734) 663 7876
Webpage: http://www.cyberspace.org/~omni

Personal Data:
SSN and Driver's license numbers available on request
Driver's License class: Chauffer exp 11-27-2002

Detroit Public Schools 1964-1967
Hall of the Divine Child 1968-1972
Austin Catholic Prep 1972-1976
Olsen Flying School Ground School 1976
Washtenaw County Advanced Skywarn Spotter Training 1991-2000

Work Experience:

City of Ann Arbor (1988-Present)
City Clerk's office (Election Chairperson & Inspector)
Self Employed Taxi Driver/Owner 1984-1996
Various jobs not worth mentioning

Job Skills:

Computers (Hardware & Software)(Windows 95/98), Typing, Cooking, Driving, Navigation (I am familiar with all of Southern Michigan, Northern Ohio and Western Ontario), Accounting and Bookkeeping, Home Management (Budget & Finance), HTML authoring, Event Organization (planning and staffing), Film, Putting computers on the Internet, General Auto Repair, Retail Sales, Carpentry (rough), Welding (Oxy-acetyline and Arc) and almost anything I put my hand to.

Outside Activities and Achievements:

President Arrow Communications Assn 1996
Public Service Director, 1997-present
Organized Volunteer Exam program, 1991


History and Historical Figures, Cartography and Geography (I own 2000 maps) Computers, Amateur Radio (Extra Class), Medicine, Film and Photography, Writing, Reading, Trivia, Aviation and Aviation History.

Personal Commentary:

In 1994, I contracted Non-Hodgkins lymphoma, a cancer of the lymph system, I went through chemotherapy and spent until 1997 to be fully cured. Later that year, my mother fell ill with ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease) and I had to devote my full attention to her care, which took me out of the working world until her passing in July of 2000. While it might not look like I can do a lot, I can. Just give me a chance to prove myself.

OK, now you know what I can do. It's time for you to send me a job offer. Better yet, pick up the phone and give me a call.

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