Three countries

Here is a list of airlines I have used. In the cases where I have been able to find official pages for them on the web, I have included links to them. Where I haven't managed this but have found unofficial links, I have used them. Otherwise, you are on your own.
AF Air France
AQ Aloha Airlines
BA British Airways
BC Brymon Airways
BD British Midland Airways
BR British Caledonian Airways
CX Cathay Pacific
EA Eastern Air Lines
EI Aer Lingus
FJ Air Pacific
HN NLM - Dutch Airlines
IE Solomon Islands Airlines
LH Lufthansa
NF Air Vanuatu / Vanair
NM Mount Cook Airlines
NZ Air New Zealand
OR Orion Airways
PA Pan American World Airways
QZ Zambia Airways
SR Swissair
TE Air New Zealand (old code)
TG Thai Airways International
TW Trans World Airlines
UA United Airlines
UM Air Zimbabwe

If you happen to stumble across a link for one of the above airlines not already linked, or if you find any of the above links, broken, please mail me with details of what you have found. Thanks!
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