ABOUT MELBOURNE by Matthew Matthew

Friday 27th December

We went on an aeroplane.
We went on a Jumbo Jet.
We had lunch and
breakfast at the same time.
the plane took us to
We went to the muzzeyum.
We went to the show
at the planetareom.
We went back to the holtel
on a tram.

Saturday 28th December

We went on a long train
ride and we went in a taxi
to Healesville Sanctuary
we saw a koala, kangaroos
dingos and a wombat.
But my favourite was
the snake.

Sunday 29th december

We went on a steam train.
It was called Puffing Billy.
We went on the pedal boats
and we played at the play

Monday 30th December

We went to the zoo.
We saw lots of anamals.
they where called monkeys
gorillas lions tigers
elephents girafs and
wombats. my favourite thing
was gorillas.

Tuesday 31st december

We went to the park with
are friends called Sue and
John. We had lunch there
and we went on a walk.
We went up the Rialto tower.
and we saw the whole of

Wednesday 1st January

We went to scintse works.
I played a v.r. game and
I got 2900 points. Then we
got a train to Williamstown.
We went in a big museum
boat. We went on a boat to
St Kilda Beach we had lunch
and Christopher fell over.
We went to Luna Park
We went in the tunnel of terror
and we went on a merry
go round.

Thursday 2nd January

We went on a train to Ballarat.
We went down the mine.
and we panded for gold
and we went on a stage coach
and then we went back.

friday 3rd January

We went on a long bus ride.
We stopped at a farm
and fed some kangaroos.
then we went to the koalas
then we had tea.
after that we went to see
the penguins we stade for a
long time and we saw over
a thousand penguins. then we
went back to the hotel.

Saturday 4th Januray

in the morning we went
to see captain cooks
cotage we also saw the
fairytree and a model
village. In the afternoon
we went to Luna park.
At Luna park we went on the
dragon ride.

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