Suz's Fanfic Page

True to title, this is my WWW page for TF Fanfic (and other things like Eek texts). Hopefully, this is a *temporary* housing place for Fanfics that aren't already at an FTP or WWW site. I'll put up any TF fanfic as long as another FTP or WWW site doesn't already have it...& as long as I still have enough space.

BTW, Grex files have a rare habit of randomly disappearing. Luckily, Grex files have been much more stable in recent years, but I haven't been as consistant in fixing links. I plan to improve the frequency of my updates. Comments on anything related to my web page are welcome & you can reach me at my new Yahoo account (The address is at the bottom of the page. All you have to do is delete the 77s from the e-mail address.).

Transformer Fanfic locations

These are the old web pages from the Fanfic List. Each of these WWW sites has at least 3 Fanfics.

  1. Vulcana's Tranfic Page
  2. Transformatorium *link verified 09/08/09
  3. Charlotte Brogden's Lexicon *link corrected 09/11/09
  4. Fanfics by H. Jameel al Khafiz (formerly listed here as Wonko the Sane's page)
  5. Tetra Reris's Page (Updated link 12/10/03, she's taken down her stories, but it still has MUSH logs)
  6. Robert Jung's WWW area *link updated to explanation of down-time 09/11/09
  7. David "Walkertron" Willis' WWW page (updated link:12/10/03)
  8. Primacron's WWW page *link corrected 09/08/09
  9. Stanley Lui's Fanfic page (moved)
  10. Lori's WWW page (To be Axed)
  11. Raksha's Timeline *link corrected 09/08/09
  12. Ivy's Fanfic page *link verified 09/08/09
  13. Joona Palaste's WWW page (works moved to Lexicon)
  14. Beast Wars Anonymous (formerly known as Jen Bandit's web page, now at Beast Wars International) *link updated 09/11/09
  15. Robert E. Powers' WWW page *link corrected 09/08/09
  16. Grid Darcerin *link corrected to last known location, contacting admin 09/11/09
  17. Optimus (Iggy's) Transformer Page(dead)
  18. Ben Thomas's WWW Story Page (Dead?)
  19. Here (Suz's Fanfic Page) and a partial mirror version on Tripod, listed by tbc/done

Dependable Fanfic Pages

I've decided to reward some of the older Fanfic pages that don't tend to move.
  • Urac "Ratbat" Sigma's WWW page (Lots of goodies, including "I Have No Name" & "Recycled Virgins Theatre 999" as well as fun with Grimlock)
  • Birgit Kohl's WWW page w/ a bunch of stories
  • Chris Meadows' WWW page w/ "Stranded" & "Catharsis" *link verified 09/08/09

    Other sites w/ TF Fanfics:

    There's also the Transmasters UK page, a Yahoo Group for the club, and a message board, (*group link verified and board link corrected 9/08/09). I joined the Yahoo group recently; a link to their group has been a long-standing tradition that I have upheld since the early days of my webpage.

    Here's a list of what has been new on this page during the past month.

    Fanfic List & Characters

    Many internet people know me because of my work maintaining the Fanfic List (which I have done since December 7, 1994). There's also a newer version just for the Fanfics from Dec. '98 through 1999.

    Others also know me as the creator of the characters Flamethrower@2005 (whom I played from the time the MUSH opened up until July 1996. Since October 2002 she participates in most of the weekly TPs at the Decepticon Dominion MUSH. Her recent Tech spec information is found here on Tripod.), Safari@TF1 (whom I played from July 1994 until TF1 went down in 1996), as well as Songbird@2005 (whom I never played), & Fanfic characters such as Yell (aka Yellow/Maize), Rosestar, Ravine, Bite, and Edge. Rosestar, Yell, Edge, Ravine, and Flamethrower appear in my fanfic "Twins & Tales" (available via my Fanfic WWW page).

    Rosestar also had a cameo appearence in Ben Thomas' "The Manifestations of Fear" pt. 1, Joona I. Palaste's "Heptachromicon" pt. 4, and Joona's "The Two Strands" (available at the same site). Recently, Neale Davidson created a Paperformer of her on his fan page (which also includes a revised tech spec). If anyone wants to use any of my characters in a Fanfic, please e-mail me first.

    I've named this page beta in honor of my favorite female TF from the TF cartoons. Beta, the courageous second-in-command under the leadership of A3, helped begin the rebellion against the Quintessons in the Transformer after-movie episode "Forever is a Long Time Coming." Her weapon was a type of laser crossbow. I'm not trying to compare myself to her in any way. IMO she's the closest thing that the female Autobots really had to an unsung hero.

    If I've already confused you, but you still want to learn more about Transformers anyway, visit Stanley Lui's Transformer Encyclopedia. This resource helps both the rookies & genuine fans and covers the comic & cartoon histories.

    My Future TF Projects

    I've been working on a couple projects in my free time. Among them are some Fanfics in progress and 3 RPG games using the Unlimited Adventures D&D dungeon creation program (one w/ the 'bots as monsters & the 'cons as players and one where the 'bots try to stop the 'cons. The third one will be the 'cons & 'bot having to work together to stop Swindle. >:) ).

    If anyone wants to suggest a TF toy character that I should include, it either has to be a TF toy I have (G1, G2, Beast Wars, etc.) OR there has to be a .GIF or .JPEG of it at an FTP or WWW site. Sorry, but Fortress Maximus is too big for me to draw. However, I already drew Trypticon.

    If it's a TF from the comic that you want me to include, he/she has to be in an issue that I own (ie. US G1 issues 10, 11, 12, 17, 20, 25, 27-31, 33, G. I. Joe/TFs 1, Headmaster 1, or G2 1-12; or in the reprints of US 7-36, 56-80, G2 1-12.) or have a scan somewhere on a WWW site. If it's a TF cartoon character, tell me the name. (US or Japanese--if it's Japanese & it's a 'bot from Victory or a Trainbot, please include a general description so that I don't mix him up w/ another 'bot.) If a TF fitting the above conditions is one you want me to include & I've not already drawn him/her (check the Future directory for the list), feel free to e-mail me here on Grex (My e-mail address is at the bottom of the page.)

    Although I'm not done with any of those projects (or my fanfic Twins and Tales) I have a fanfic or two that I might work on. Here's my Future directory where you find out which characters I've finished drawing for the D&D game or to read a preview of a certain Fanfic idea...

    Other interests

    Still others know my appreciation of the cartoon Eek the Cat, which IMO is the second best cartoon (first best being Transformers, of course). It also has a newsgroup,, which is, by coincidence, also my second favorite newsgroup.

    Every once in a while I still enjoy watching the classic cartoon Dungeons and Dragons for which I have made an episode list. Since the most common question I'm asked about w/ the D&D cartoon is for a voice list, I typed one up.

    I enjoy anyone's comments (be it about the TF Fanfic list, Transformer related messages, Eek messages, D&D, Atari 7800/Gameboy/Game Gear, Game Genie for GB or GG, general suggestions, etc). E-mail me at: here on Yahoo.