Eek Site to Excite "Eek the Cat Fans"

I'll admit this is rather small, but Eek fans basically live in an underground fanship known as Unfortunately, Eek isn't on the air anymore, but that doesn't mean that we can't admire the show.

If someone sends me any Terrible Thunder Lizard Files or Klutter text files (or even more ASCII pictures), they'll be welcome here too. It's just a coincidence that the little stuff that is here is all Eek stuff. I'm sure someday when people find out about this place, there might be more stuff here.

If you want to e-mail something Eek, TTL, or Klutter that's small (ie. under 100K), that isn't a GIF/JPEG/non-ASCII picture file or a sound file, feel free to e-mail me at Yahoo (delete the 7s to reveal the real address). (If you want to e-mail a GIF/JPEG/non-ASCII picture, e-mail me a non-attachment e-mail and I'll reply to point you to another e-mail address of mine where I can handle attachments. My Yahoo account is fairly new, so I haven't investigated its size limits for attachments.) I also don't mind simply talking about EEk via e-mail (If you want to do that, feel free to also use that e-mail address. :) ).

Several other Eek pages specialize in screen captures or sound files, which is why I avoid doing them (not that I'd be able to do screen caps anyway). If you have fan-art that you want to share, I'd be willing to set something up (Anything that's a picture or is over 100k has to go onto the other account & be accessed in a round-about way). HOWEVER it's really tough to handle binaries from this account. That's why if you *must* e-mail a binary, ask me via e-mail & I'll share a different address to which you can e-mail binaries.

Lately, people have been asking me about Eek merchandise. Even though I don't have any for sale, nor know any stores/web pages which still sell Eek merchandise, I do have a little puzzle that appeared in the Sunday coupon section back in 1993. It's not much, but maybe it might cheer up a few of the late-comers who missed out on store items. (Note: it's a 244k JPEG which I'm storing at another web page of mine, so it might take a while to DL.) I've also added a few sound files on the page w/ that puzzle.

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