If anyone wants to add a Fanfic to here which isn't already at another FTP or WWW site, feel free to e-mail me. Even if you don't have a Fanfic to add, feel free to e-mail me anyway. :) I love comments. :) Just e-mail me at Yahoo by deleting the 7s in the address.

With the zip'd Fanfic files, I've listed the exact parts w/in each .ZIP file. If the file is multipart and has an "&" symbol, it means it's a finished story with all the parts here.

I still have some space left (& I'm moving some repeated Fanfics to Tripod--where I have plenty of room--which will make some additional space for new ones here.). If you want to e-mail me a Fanfic for uploading, please e-mail it in TEXT ONLY. I tend to ignore the ones not send in text--it sometimes takes half a year to convert the non-text ones to HTML.

Newest Fanfic(s): Transformers: The Lost Episode by Jen Kerner

Here's a list of what's new for all my Cyberspace WWW pages through the past month.

Here's a link to my GOODI page (aka Gallery of Obscure Decepticons in Fanfic), including entries for Chopshop, Mindwipe, and Squawktalk.

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    Other Fanfics or Spinoffs

  • Doltron: Bungler of the Universe a parody of Voltron by Brent "Crash" Stocking
  • Hurt! Eekzer-One an Eek Fanfic and parody of Iczer-1 by Martin Rose
  • Pretty Painful, Sailor Eek by Martin Rose
  • Sailor Moon stomps the Power Rangers! The Fanfic! by Jubei
  • Top 10 Reasons Why I'm Tempted to Write a TF/My Little Pony Crossover by Suzanne Ferree (Most people who have replied to this think it's a good idea... I'll write it if I have the time or if I get enough requests.)

    Links to other non-Transformer Fanfic site(s)

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