Many times, problems with logging in can be as simple as an incorrectly typed password or login, but sometimes, the reasons can be more subtle. The following is a list of messages you might see; follow the link to learn more details about each message.

Common login errors

No such loginid

The login name that you entered does not exist on Grex. Check first to be sure you spelled it correctly. Note that your login name must be typed in all lower-case letters and numbers.

If you haven't logged into your Grex account recently, it is possible that it has been deleted. It is our practice to remove accounts that have not been used for 90 days or more. With more than 200 new accounts created on Grex every day, we must delete unused accounts to free up resources. Even with this policy, we still have over 27,000 active accounts on Grex. You can use the form at the bottom of this page to check if an account exists.

If your account was reaped (deleted), feel free to recreate the account by logging in as newuser. This link requires that your browser can start an SSH client. An alternative is to use the web-based MindTerm Java SSH client. We are sorry for the inconvenience. We hope we can welcome you back to Grex.

This loginid disabled

If you see this, first check to see that you typed your loginid in correctly. If your account was locked, you will see this message. Generally, this means we saw your account being used for an inappropriate purpose. If you want your account unlocked, you will need to send mail to that says what you did wrong, why what you did was wrong, and that you promise not to do the bad thing again.

Incorrect password

The password you supplied was not correct. You may have mistyped or misremembered your password. Case matters, so check to be sure that you don't have caps-lock turned on.

If you have not used your account recently, it may have been reaped, and the login name may have been claimed by another person. Inactive accounts are reaped (deleted) after 90 days, after which it is possible for another person to reuse the same login name. You can use the form at the bottom of this page to check the owner of the account and see if it is you. If your account was reaped, feel free to log in as newuser and create a new account. This link requires that your browser can start an SSH client. An alternative is to use the web-based MindTerm Java SSH client.

If you have used your account recently, and really cannot remember the password, please send E-mail to and indicate that you have forgotten your password. If you have previously left sufficient identifying information with your account that we can verify that you are really you, we will reset your password. Please do NOT tell us what you think your password is, or was. We do not keep a password history, and obviously your present password is wrong.

In fact, please don't ever tell anyone your password, not even your best friend or lover. Also, for your protection, don't use your grex password on any other system.

Invalid login time

This message should not occur. Send E-mail to if you believe you have seen this error message. Please include the date and time you tried it.

Sorry, root logins not allowed on this line

Root access is used by certain grex staff members for system maintenance purposes, but only by using sudo after logging in normally.

Access Denied

This message may occur if your IP address (likely provided by your Internet Service Provider dynamically) is on a block or black list. Grex subscribes to several IP block or black lists to help prevent people from damaging Grex. Ideally your ISP would do something about this because they assigned you an IP address that is known around the Internet as engaging in illegal or unethical activities. Ask them to give you a different IP address would be one solution. Please send E-mail to if you see this message and Grex staff can determine if your IP address is being blocked for this reason.

Excessive login failures for this loginid

This message should not normally occur. If it occurs, it indicates that a person was trying to break into your account, and failed. Please send E-mail to if you see this message.

Check Information about a Grex Account

To check if an account exists, or if it is your account, enter the login name in the box below and submit it. This will display public information about the account if it exists.


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