Grex has numerous contact addresses. It is important to use the right one, because that way your question will be directed to the right group of people. This will save time for everyone concerned. Please take the time to determine the correct contact address.

Access Problems

If you are having access problems, such as an invalid or lost password, send email to staff, at

Reporting Abuse

If you received an abusive or other unwanted e-mail message or post from a Grex address, or if you wish to report any other kind of abusive behavior that involves Grex, please contact Please note that if you are reporting abusive mail, you should forward the offending mail to this address and be sure to include full mail headers. (In Pine, the "h" command shows you these headers.)

Reporting Spam

We cannot promise to eliminate all unsolicited commercial email (U.C.E.) messages from reaching your Grex mailbox. However, we are interested in doing the best that we can to reject such "spam" because we do not consider it to be an appropriate use of Grex's resources. If you receive any such messages in your Grex mailbox, you may report these by sending a message to Please attach a copy of the offending message, and include full mail headers. (In Alpine, the "h" command shows you these headers.)

Mail Administration

All questions or reports of problems relating to mail on Grex (except for reports of abusive or unwanted mail) should be sent to the Grex postmaster,

Conference Administration

The conference administrators are responsible for maintaining the proper functioning of the Grex conferences, and for creating new conferences. Please use to communicate with the conference administrators.

Party Administration

The party program is Grex's real-time chat facility. there is a separate group of administrators for party. These people are responsible for maintaining channels and other party features. Please contact

Web Server Administration

Grex's web site is maintained by a separate group of staff members. If you have questions or suggestions about the web site, if you want to be listed in Grex's index of users' pages, or if you are having problems with the server, please contact the Grex Webmasters, at

The Grex Staff

Grex is maintained by an all-volunteer staff. If you have any general questions about Grex, about your account, or anything not explicitly listed above, send it to the Grex staff, at

Cyberspace Communications, Inc.

Grex is governed by Cyberspace Communications, Inc., a non-profit organization that was founded with the primary purpose of establishing and running Grex. The Cyberspace Communications board of directors is elected by the members of Grex. The board can be reached by email at or by mail at

Cyberspace Communications, Inc.
P.O. Box 4432
Ann Arbor, MI 48106-4432