The basic rules for the operation of Cyberspace Communications are laid out by the bylaws. However, over the years, various other policies have been set.

Membership Referenda

Any Cyberspace Communications member can propose a referendum for vote by the membership. The results of such votes are binding on the board and can only be overturned by another member referendum. Bylaw Amendments are not listed here (see the bylaws), nor are unsuccessful motions. All motions, can be found at the member vote page.

Board Motions

The Cyberspace Communications board sometimes makes motions authorizing certain actions or establishing certain procedures. These could be overridden by another board vote or a member referendum. This page lists only motions of lasting interests. It does not include motions to experiment with connecting to the internet for three months, nor motions to purchase a rubber stamp, which are of mere historical interest. More complete board minutes are also available on-line.

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