Delayed-voting membership costs $2 per month, paid monthly - after 3 months have passed you can vote. Immediate-voting membership costs $18 per year paid immediately, or $6 paid immediately for 3 months.

Cyberspace Communications' mission is to provide free access to Internet services and to support open, public discussion forums. We keep Grex's costs as low as we can by using mostly second-hand equipment and lots of volunteer work, but we still need to bring in some money to pay for Internet connectivity, phones, co-location fees, and to keep the system growing. We charge no fees for our services and run no advertisements on our system. We have no government funding and no large corporate sponsors. All our money comes from voluntary donations from our charitable users like you. If you can afford to donate something to help us, we hope you will do so.

The best way to help support Grex is to become a member. Benefits include:

  1. Members get to feel good about helping to make a unique community resource possible.
  2. Members get to help plan Grex's future by voting in Grex elections (if you've paid for three months or more), running for Grex Board of Directors, and calling for member referenda. See the discussions in the Grex Co-op conference for more information.
  3. Members can use our Internet link for such services as outbound FTP, IRC, and SSH.
  4. Members who pay for at least three months of membership can receive a paper copy of the 32-page Grex handbook.
  5. Cyberspace Communications is an approved 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization so Grex memberships are fully tax deductable. You can verify our non-profit status by checking with the IRS here.

Institutions may also become members of Grex. Click here for more information.

If you have questions about membership, first see the membership FAQ. If you don't find what you're looking for there, contact our treasurer

Paying Dues by Check or Money Order

Dues may no longer be sent to our P.O. Box (we will not get them). Use PayPal or make other arrangements with the treasurer.

The Wizard in Training user handbook is only available online here.

Paying Dues by Credit Card

You can pay membership dues by credit card through the Paypal system.

Note: if you are starting a new membership via Paypal, you will need to either verify your Paypal account or send Grex's treasurer a copy of some form of ID, as stated above. Here's an explanation of why Grex requires ID from its members.

You can pay on a monthly basis, or save some money and pay annually. Type your Grex user name in a box below, and click the Paypal button.

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