This page describes the install process for Sun's (now Oracle's) Java Runtime Environment (JRE). JRE is essential if you want to use our MindTerm Java applet to SSH into Grex.

Java (JRE) Installation

  1. Is JRE installed?
  2. Download & Install JRE
  3. Troubleshoot the JRE install

Is JRE installed?

You need to check if Java is already present on your computer.

in Windows:

  1. Click on: Start --> Program Files --> Control Panel
  2. A rectangular window should pop-up.
  3. Look within this window and double click: Add Remove Programs
  4. A new window will pop-up, which contains a list of installed applications. Check too if Java (JRE) is in the list

in Debian: dpkg -l|grep -i jre
dpkg --status sun-java6-jre

in Centos & Fedora: rpm -qa|grep -i jre
rpm -qi packagename

Download and Install JRE to desktop

JRE can be downloaded from Oracle's website, or from this website. However it would be best to use your distributions package manager to do the download and install.

in Windows: Windows doesn't come with a software package manager so you need to download the Java (JRE) package (.exe file) using the above mentioned link. Then double click the installation file you just downloaded to start the install process.

in Debian: apt-cache search jre
apt-get install package-name

in Centos, Fedora yum list jre
yum update package-name

Troubleshoot your Java Installation

  1. See if the Grex Java MindTerm applet loads within your browser by clicking on this link
  2. A window should pop-up asking you for permission to run the applet or application, because its digital signature has expired. Click: Run
  3. A window should pop-up asking you to accept a MindTerm - License agreement. Click: Accept
  4. If steps 2 & 3 don't happen and if you have Java installed, then read our network troubleshooting page
  5. If nothing works ask for help