jcw's Manifesto

I recently became inclined to type an autobiography and publish it to the Web. I have attempted to do this in the past, but invariably, each time I have done so has led me to become embarrassed by sharing it publicly. So with this attempt I am remaining anonymous except for my username.

I mainly am interested in talking about my interests, but I feel I should provide some sort of context to tie it all together. I was born in the USA in the early 1980s. By common demographic and journalistic standards that makes me a "Millennial." I don't think I really belong in that group. I am too familiar with (and in some sense, attached to) the ways of what is now largely the "old world," more or less the world before the Internet "changed everything." I certainly am a child that grew up in an era with abundant technology, but I was not a child that took that technology for granted.

Now hold on a second. I'm not anti-progress. I have embraced the Internet and many of the spoils of the new world (I do have a smartphone). But I remember a time when we still looked forward to that sort of thing. When it was still fun to dream about the day when you would have a computer in your pocket that could do anything you could imagine. I like to keep in touch with that era. Much of my personal and professional interests reflect that.