Configure Gitweb with Apache on Debian 5

$ su -c 'aptitude install git-core gitweb'

# vvvv uncomment the line in /etc/gitweb.conf containing: $home_link
$ cat /etc/gitweb.conf

# path to git projects (.git)
$projectroot = "/var/cache/git";

# directory to use for temp files
$git_temp = "/tmp";

# target of the home link on top of all pages
$home_link = $my_uri || "/";

# html text to include at home page
$home_text = "indextext.html";

# file with project list; by default, simply scan the projectroot dir.
$projects_list = $projectroot;

# stylesheet to use
$stylesheet = "/gitweb.css";

# logo to use
$logo = "/git-logo.png";

# the 'favicon'
$favicon = "/git-favicon.png";

# ^^^^ end of /etc/gitweb.conf

# /var/cache/git, may be created automatically

$ su -c 'mkdir /var/www/gitweb'

$ cd /var/www/gitweb/

$ su -c 'ln -s /usr/lib/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi .'

$ cat /etc/apache2/conf.d/gitweb

<Directory /var/www/gitweb>
Allow from all
AllowOverride all
Order allow,deny
Options ExecCGI
<Files gitweb.cgi>
SetHandler cgi-script
DirectoryIndex gitweb.cgi
SetEnv GITWEB_CONFIG /etc/gitweb.conf

Alias /gitweb.css /usr/share/gitweb/gitweb.css
Alias /git-favicon.png /usr/share/gitweb/git-favicon.png
Alias /git-logo.png /usr/share/gitweb/git-logo.png

$ su -c '/etc/init.d/apache2 reload'

# Browse gitweb:

# 403 Forbidden - No projects found - Now it's time to add code to Git repository.