Welcome to my Home Page

My alias is Light and this is my prototype 2.0 homepage.

I wish there were free degrees like just walk in and take the test

Steps to a £15.00 ( $21.60 ) degree
1. Get a kick starter to get some money to pay profesionals to wright some tests (some realy hard ones about there subject)
2. wright and print the tests for anyone who wants a degree (get there info to check if they are real and to print the certificats)
3. get these people to pay you £15.00 per degree
4. if there are not enough people taking exams in the same place befor the exam day refund them and dont run the exam
5. hire a room to sit the exam also higher invidulaters to check people do not cheet (sit all exams in the same room at once to save money)
6. pay people to mark the exams
7. hand out well earned certificats :
extra. get volunters or goverment funding to reduce costs

£0.50 per paper to marker
£10.00 to £20.00 for paperrighters
£30.00 per hour for halls (£90.00 max for a test)
£8.00 per hour for invidualaters (£4.00 for a test per person (£72.00 for all the invidulators))
Tests include 25% extra time
Total costs per test (with out papers and markers) [72+90] == £162.00
Gain per person (£1.50 for a paper to print [15-(0.5+1.50)] == 13.00
Number of people who take the same test (1 paper) to break even [(162+20)/13] == 14

You may send mail to me addressed to light.kai.armanov@gmail.com.

I will be changing or replacing this prototype page, but I will not introduce any graphic, audio, or CGI files on Grex, in compliance with the Grex policy.