• Products stock levels are not actual and are not updated in real time. As soon you place your order, the item changes from in stock to out of stock. You're then left with no idea to when ever it will come in or be dispatched.
  • If you dare to cancel your order, complain or ask for a refund your account is blocked and you're sent abusive and rude messages informing you that you are being banned from their store and your details are being passed onto remaining xecuter resellers to be banned on their sites as well.
  • Your details are not safe including your user name, password, email etc. If you use any of the same details on any other website or forum then it will be hijacked and used against you. It will become personal and all efforts will be put to troll you to the end of the earth.
  • The postal PO Box address on the site is not active as was confirmed by Royal Mail, so you're mail will not be delivered and will be returned to you if you provide a return address. So there is no point in making a complaint via a letter.
  • Trading standards cannot do much as the website and payment processing are being hosted outside the UK. It is also more than likely than someone else other than the original site founder who's running things from the UK. The domain name registrant details are from Thailland while the actual website is being hosted in Canada so the authorities will have a difficult time in finding whoever is in the UK that is running things from this end.
  • mrconsoles keeps emailing all hosts, forums and places that hold or post negative comments about him including this site threating legal action stating that its 'malicious, defamatory and false towards his business). It's simply true facts and you're trying to impediment people's right of free speech. Not to mention the extend of level and acts you would commit to damage those who oppose you.

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