Who is this Rob Henderson, anyway?
Full Name:  Robert Henderson
Registered: Thu Mar 26 20:41:18 1992 on tty /dev/tty04 at speed 1200
Address:    1455 Gregory, Apt. 7
            Ypsilanti, Michigan  48197
Telephone:  734 487-4931
Occupation: computer programmer
Equipment:  Dell Pentium 233
Birthdate:  November 19th, 1968  (ca. 7:00 EST)  (Troy, New York)
Sex:        male
Interests:  reading, writing, music (including but not limited to
            Kate Bush, Suzanne Vega, Tori Amos, Matthew Sweet, They
            Might Be Giants, "Weird Al" Yankovic), hitting people
            with wooden swords, gaming, weird religious practices
            involving Goddess worship and peanut butter, Mystery
            Science Theater 3000, Babylon 5, computer programming,
            roller-blading (believe it or not!)
Found out about us from: Jeff Kaplan

They arrived at an inconvenient time
I was hiding in a room in my mind
They made me look at myself, I saw it well
I'd shut the people out of my life

So now I take the opportunity
Wonderful teachers ready to teach me
I must work on my mind, for now I realize
Every one of us has a heaven inside

- Kate Bush, "Them Heavy People"

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